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Investment projects of the Russian South

Solnechny Dar

The largest greenhouse complex will be built in the Stavropol territory. It is planned to build a greenhouse complex to cultivate cucumbers and tomatoes. Greenhouse area will total 100 ha. Overall project cost exceeds 27bn RUB. The second 32-ha phase is planned for completion in 2018.

Reconstruction, modernisation of a greenhouse complex and the construction of 2 more facilities of Yuzhny Agrocombinat

It is planned to allocate about 2bn RUB for the modernisation of Yuzhny Agrocombinat in Karachay-Cherkessia. The reconstruction of all greenhouses will be finalised within 3 years. The greenhouse area is 130,5 ha and it is planted with over 10 varieties of tomatoes and cucumbers; overall area of the facility is 144 ha. Average production output is up to 40k tonnes of vegetables, which is equivalent to more than 7% of total production in Russia.

Step Agriholding

The agriholding launched the first phase of a dairy farm in the Krasnodar territory. Investment amounted to 800m RUB. All phases are expected to be launched in 2021. It is planned to produce 20k litres of milk annually. Livestock population: 4000 animals, including forage-fed cows – 1800.

Construction of a cannery in North Ossetia-Alania

The Corporation of Small and Medium Enterprises plans to allocate funds at reduced rate – 6,5%. Project cost will amount to 145m RUB. Within the project, the cannery of Beslan food complex will be built. The future facility will include vegetable processing and canning trains.


The construction of a commercial refrigerating facility is afoot in Gvardeyskoye village of the Simferopol district in Crimea. The storage volume is expected at 2430 tonnes of fruit.

Agrocom Group

Tavr is a new sausage factory to be built in Yuzhno-Bataysky Industrial Park of the Rostov region by the late 2019. The expected output is 150 tonnes of processed meat daily. Besides, the company intends to build a large logistics centre in Yuzhno-Bataysky Industrial Park, valued at 1.5-2bn RUB.

Hendrix Genetics (the Netherlands)

The project is implemented in the Stavropol territory. The project provides for the construction of a facility to produce turkey eggs. Projected output: up to 12m eggs per annum. Estimated investment: about 2bn RUB. The project will help mitigate risks of future or existing initiatives for turkey breeding in Russia. Further it is planned to develop a poultry centre to support Russian turkey breeding industry.


A large livestock breeding complex is planned for construction in Adygea. The project will enable 40 new job opportunities. The construction will take place in Svobodny Trud of the Shovgenovsky district. The livestock breeding complex will accommodate 1k animals. Investment is estimated at 1.2bn RUB.

Construction of a logistics centre in Kizlyar (Dagestan)

The construction will take place on the premises of the technological park. The capacity of the future logistics centre will total 10k tonnes. The construction will commence within a year. The centre will render storage, quality monitoring, cleaning, and pre-packing services.

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